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When it comes to your health, you want to know that the products you buy are going to give you true peace of mind. Private medical insurance is no exemption. When you work with us, we’ll bring you the latest offerings from companies such as AXA, AVIVA, WPA and more in order to give you choices and the opportunity to compare plans from different companies on different points. When it comes to your health and that of your family, it simply makes sense to work with a company you can trust.


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What is Private Medical Insurance?

Private medical insurance (PMI) is insurance that pays for your medical expenses incurred from either illness or an accident. Designed to cover the expenses of your medical treatment at hospitals and clinics that are run privately, private health cover is a fantastic way to top-up the healthcare choices provided by the National Health Service (NHS). Although the NHS was originally established to provide healthcare for everyone, and it does a reasonable job under strained conditions, many people need just a little extra health cover for themselves and those they love. This is precisely why it’s a great investment in your health.

Why is PMI Important?

There are quite a few reasons why private health insurance is an important upgrade to your already existing NHS coverage. First, you don’t have to wait in queues anymore. Even though NHS wait times have slightly improved, you still may be forced to wait up to 18 weeks between your initial referral and your actual treatment. With PMI, you effectively sidestep this hassle, and you can get in for your treatment immediately.

It also gives you greater peace of mind. Once you are covered, you will know that if something terrible happens, you will receive your treatment as quickly as possible. You also get to choose exactly which consultant you will use, as well as where you would like to be treated, according to the guidelines of your plan. You will also enjoy a private room during your hospital stay, and you needn’t be worried about being assigned to a mixed-gender ward while you are admitted. Additionally, you may have an in-suite bathroom at your disposal as well.

Another benefit is that private hospitals have unrestricted visiting hours. You also get personalized care from your doctor – you don’t have to fear for your privacy as a barrage of medical students are following your physician around as you are being treated.

Coverage Options Available

You can choose from many different types. To find the best plan, take personal inventory of your needs and your budget before you make your selection. Be aware that premiums may increase annually, so the price you pay during one term may not necessarily be the price you pay during the next. The most common difference between various plans is the amount of coverage you will receive. This is generally referring to the list of medical conditions that the plan will cover, so make sure to review your policy documents carefully before committing to a plan.

Be Careful When You Choose a Plan

Remember when you choose a plan, not all medical conditions will be covered. It varies depending on the policy you choose, and factors such as previous medical conditions you have had will be considered as well. Keep in mind that most policies only cover short-term injuries or illnesses, so you will always need to read the fine print.

Additionally, some treatments or appointments may not be covered, so as soon as you receive a referral from your physician, you must contact your insurance company in order to check whether the cost will be covered before you further arrange your treatment. If you want more cover, you need to pay a higher premium.