What is SEO?

content-marketing-boxSEO is simple really; it is how search engines rank your site for relevancy, popularity and age. Google measures your relevancy through the content on your website, for example, how well is it optimised so that Google can read and index it.

Optimising content can be from adding links to including relevant and informative content that is actually being spoken about on the web. Read more about advanced optimisation.

If your content is of high quality and the content is unique, then the more Google will rank it as relevant, the less it is, the lower the ranking. Simply, make your content engaging, informative and unique – do this and the likelihood of your site ranking higher is better. Learn about content writing.

SEO company Brighton

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SEO techniques

seoSEO techniques are a range of things, including content marketing and backlinking. Depending on the needs of your site, will depend on what your SEO consultant will advise you. If your site lacks pages and decent content, then your SEO Company will devise a strategy that will improve this. Find out more.

This often consists of optimising content that is already there, as well as producing content that is relevant. This is researched and compared to competitors – what does your site miss that your competitors has?

Backlinking involves linking to pages on your site from external pages. The top end SEO companies will include this on sites that are relevant and that aren’t out of context. In addition, the backlink will be of quality rather than quantity. This can help to boost your rankings on Google.

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