SEO for dentists: Dental SEO tips for success

Search Engine Optimisation focuses on increasing a website’s visibility in Google‘s search results. In order to help a website climb Google’s ranks, there are many optimisations companies can undertake to grow their business.

Optimisations include:

  • Making a website mobile-friendly
  • Creating a site structure
  • Increasing the website’s speed
  • Creating content that sells
  • Improving your language
  • Choosing the right image
  • Including headers (H1, H2, H3)

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Technical SEO focuses on difficult aspects such as coding. Whereas basic SEO techniques and principles can be applied by anyone with a laptop and an understanding of the internet and market they are selling to.

For example, we worked with a dental company to increase their dental implant search queries. This involved creating content on their website that they were otherwise missing.

The content is the difficult part – good content writers will know to include certain words almost intuitively.

When we worked with Dorset Dental Implants Clinic, they wished to attract more patients from Bournemouth for dental implant treatments, so the strategy was to create new, smarter content. See more here.

We found the following words were missing from their website:

  • Oral health
  • Hygiene
  • Trust-worthy
  • Promise
  • Bruxism

These are just a few examples. Google and a potential customer would expect these words to be on a dentist’s website. But it is often these types of things that help Google distinguish between who to rank above you and below you.

SEO for dentists: why does it matter?

For dentists, marketing and especially SEO might not exactly be high on your list of priorities.

But the more your website ranks the more website traffic, leads, credibility and authority your practice will have in the market place.

It’s important to bear in mind that competitors are likely to be investing in SEO to grow their business. So, how will you expect an online audience to find you?

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